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This is really kind of addictive. I've gone through all the photos I've taken that are on my computer, and have made a bunch more with what I found.

I have a few more fiber arts icons. I'd like to branch out, but I either haven't taken photos of my work or I haven't done other crafts.
Fiber arts (spinning, knitting, crochet) )

Here's some made with animal photos:

A sheep in wolf's clothing:

sheep with a wolf's fur for a fleece

other animals )

Water and sky )

beach )

plants )


sheep labeled one hundred percent virgin wool
virgin wool, cedar chest

I forgot to say! These are up for grabs.
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First I realized that the outlines around the feet and head had disappeared from my spinning sheep. Here's the revised version:

dreaming sheep holding a spindle

Then I went fiber arts happy.

fiber for spinning )

yarn sheep )

knitted sheep )

crochet sheep )

Finally, here's a random sheep with leafy green fleece:

All of these are up for grabs.
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As requested by [personal profile] rabies... an octopus dreamsheep!

I suspect I'm going to gain a reputation for being a tentaclemonger if I keep this up...
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Three sheep in some of the colors you'd find in real life:

Brown, black, and white. :)

The sheep in this entry are shareable; credit is appreciated. :)


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