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This is really kind of addictive. I've gone through all the photos I've taken that are on my computer, and have made a bunch more with what I found.

I have a few more fiber arts icons. I'd like to branch out, but I either haven't taken photos of my work or I haven't done other crafts.

Fiber arts (spinning, knitting, crochet):

spun yarn that needs plying, green knitting, knitted lace, white crochet, red crochet, green crochet, purple crochet, green crochet 2, blue crochet

Here's some made with animal photos:

A sheep in wolf's clothing:

sheep with a wolf's fur for a fleece

Muscovy duck feathers, harbor seal 1, harbor seal 2, flamingo feathers, actual sheep 1 (Gulf Coast Native), chicken, actual sheep 2 (blue-faced Leicester), alpaca

Water and sky:

gentle ocean waves reflections in a lake
ocean waves, reflections in a lake, sunset 1, sunset 2, ocean spray, cloudy sky


shell 1, shell 2, sand 1, sand 2, sand 3,


veronica persica

Bird's eye veronica, scarlet oak in autumn, pine cone, leaves, maple leaves 1, maple leaves 2


sheep labeled one hundred percent virgin wool
virgin wool, cedar chest

I forgot to say! These are up for grabs.

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