May. 5th, 2009

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This is really kind of addictive. I've gone through all the photos I've taken that are on my computer, and have made a bunch more with what I found.

I have a few more fiber arts icons. I'd like to branch out, but I either haven't taken photos of my work or I haven't done other crafts.
Fiber arts (spinning, knitting, crochet) )

Here's some made with animal photos:

A sheep in wolf's clothing:

sheep with a wolf's fur for a fleece

other animals )

Water and sky )

beach )

plants )


sheep labeled one hundred percent virgin wool
virgin wool, cedar chest

I forgot to say! These are up for grabs.
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Okay, you've all inspired me to make my own dreamwidth sheep icon!
However, I have strayed somewhat from the general design...


The origin of the icon can be found here.



May. 5th, 2009 07:43 pm
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I went looking for this in the archives and found no attempts to do this.

I present to you: iSheep!

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I am trying to make a Brian Blessed sheep for [community profile] brian_blessed, but I am officially rubbish. I just can't get the beard to work - a brown beard with little grey streaks (picture of Brian for reference). Help? Bonus points for having it say something like "I'm Brian Blessed!" or "Sheepy's alive!" or "Fly my brave Hawksheep!" in the thought bubble...


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