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dreamsheep: A white sheep dreams of Dreamwidth. (dreamsheep base)

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Name:For sheep that dream of Dreamwidth.
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A flock of sheepy icons (and other graphics) dedicated to Dreamwidth.
[A quick note: Dreamsheep are not an official Dreamwidth mascot. They are greatly loved by many, but not official! It's okay. They don't mind. :) ]

Colorbar banner by [personal profile] jerico_cacaw, maker of many fine dreamsheep!

Lots of people seem enthusiastic about the Dreamsheep! This community exists to show off the flock. Want a sheep? Request one, download one of the shareable sheep, or download the base and create your own! Want to show off your sheep? Mark them as "shareable" or "private", and show us the wool!

Community guidelines:
  1. No off-topic posts. If it doesn't contain a dreamsheep or a request for a dreamsheep, it does not belong here.
    1. That means no advertising other communities. (Well, okay. If you're starting an RP game of some variety starring dreamsheep, or you want to start a comm devoted to dreamsheep fic, that you can do.)
    2. Slight clarification: if you have made a sheep to advertise a comm, you can post the sheep and the comm name, but anything else needs to be under a cut-tag. (But don't just slap some text on a sheep and post it here and think that's going to fly, because it won't.)
    3. If your post contains some variation of the phrase "if this is against the rules, please delete" or "I'm sorry, I don't know if this is against the rules", don't post it.
  2. Don't hotlink! Use your own webspace or find someone who will host your sheep for you.
  3. Feel free to link your post back to your own journal/website/etc. -- wherever you are happiest hosting your sheep!
  4. Posts that contain only broken images will be deleted (after a heads-up, in case it's just an accidental broken link) to keep the comm orderly. (Bear this in mind if you're linking to your own userpic.)
  5. Feel free to post any of your sheep, whether you intend them for sharing or not. However, if you don't intend to share them, state clearly that they are for your private use only. The comm does not assume responsibility for icon theft, and it is your responsibility to ensure people in the comm know that your sheep are yours and yours alone.
  6. If you have created a NSFW dreamsheep, it is welcome in the flock with no judgment. However, please use the "age restriction" option when you post ("viewer discretion advised" or "18+ only").
  7. Parody dreamsheep are welcome.
  8. Hateful and/or discrimination-based dreamsheep are not welcome.
  9. Use common sense when posting outside a cut tag.
  10. Tagging is your friend. Please sort your sheep into the appropriate flocks!

The original .psd (Photoshop) base for the sheep can be found here.

Alternate bases:
dreamsheep_blank.xcf -- the GIMP (though tG will also open .psd files) -- thanks to [personal profile] cheyinka!
dreamsheep_blank.cpt -- Corel Photo-Paint 11 -- thanks to [personal profile] tornir!

The fonts for the graphic are as follows: "ream" is Futura Medium and "width" is Gill Sans Bold. The D, of course, is a custom graphic!

See this comment from [personal profile] tornir for more info on where to get Futura Medium/how to get a good copy of "WIDTH" in Gill Sans Bold. Thanks again, [personal profile] tornir!

Original dreamsheep made by [personal profile] helens78.
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