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Because my beloved is in training for a marathon, and has expressed intesrt in a suitably themed dreamsheep, I give you Marathon![personal profile] ellsheep:

Since the sheep is wearing her teal Nikes and her username as its starter number (clever, isn't she?), I'm afraid this one isn't shareable.
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With [personal profile] helens78's kind permission (and even kinder sheepbase sharing), I bring you my [community profile] housefic sheep:

This icon is not shareable since it's the default icon for the comm itself, but I was very proud of making it and wanted to show it off because it's the first thing I've ever made in Photoshop. A new era of icon-making awaits me, I think!
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This sheep was part of a series of Dreamcult icons, most of which were not shepped. While this particular configuration of menu swirl eyes and red wool I am not sharing, please take a GIMP image of the Dreamsheep base with an amended logo and have at it. The font used for CULT is Enter Sansman.

This was a present for my Boston Wife, [personal profile] willow, who has the raspberry as her personal icon motif. It too is not shareable, but I did want to show it off.


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