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Thought that I would makes some sheep with Jack faces. :D Enjoy!

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This concludes our special series of Sheep On Skates. Now to figure out how to make my Hawks sheep cuddle the Stanley Cup...

Previously: Original Six
Western Conference: Pacific
Eastern Conference: Atlantic - Northeast - Southeast
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At [personal profile] helens78's request, a pair of icons for the open-source-minded among us: Creative Commons and Electronic Frontier Foundation sheep.

My first icons made using GIMP. After a bit of trial and error.

Share and enjoy!


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[personal profile] highlander_ii asked for hockey sheep, and I took it as a challenge!

First, of course, the Original Six:

Take and enjoy!

The rest of the NHL to come in the next few days.
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Hockey season is starting up in about 2 weeks - \o/

Would anyone be willing to make some NHL sheep? Dallas Stars, Vancouver Canucks, Toronto Maple Leafs, etc.
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The one and only computer I've got with Photoshop has had a video card and monitor failure, so I was wondering if anyone out there might be willing to help me out. I'd really like some sheep that have the EFF logo on them, and some Creative Commons sheep, too:

EFF logo: see the logo page at! Vector graphics available.
Creative Commons logos: see the logo page at! Vector graphics available.

The EFF logo is fairly straightforward, but the CC logos have more options -- if you could fit the "CC", "BY", "NC" and "SA" logos onto one sheep, that would be AWESOME.

*bleats hopefully!*
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Salutations! I've so enjoyed exploring this community that I decided to go ahead and fill a fandom gap - I didn't see any WhoSheep anywhere and that needed to be remedied.

Now that I've spent far too many hours on these this week, here they are, shiny and ready for all the DW fans on DW. ;-) Feel free to use!

SheepDoctors by the Number:

All Eleven under the Cut )

SheepDoctors, Unnumbered on Plain backgrounds:

All Eleven plus bonus Fez option under the Cut )

All SheepDoctors with Colored Backgrounds:

Tardis Blue for all, plus a few extra Variations under the Cut )
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I did a zodiac set using the symbols, will try later the other way (lion, ram, bull), as soon as I figure out how to represent a sheep as virgin, or waterbearer, or scales ... o.O'

Anyway. I tried this three times, and I think the second version is my favorite. The first one is my attempt to do some paper sheep, but it was a source of much frustration. Therefore, second set, with the cartoonish look my basic icons have -- and then the third set, their pastel version. I used red/pink coloring for the Fire signs, brown/orange for the Earth ones, blue for Air and green for Water. If somebody wants a different coloring (or no coloring at all) feel free to ask.

Virgo's three versions follow, the others can be found behind the cut. They are in inverse alphabetical order because PhotoBucket is being an idiot. As always, original base by [personal profile] helens78, icons by [personal profile] jerico_cacaw. Shareable, no credit needed.


Here )

ETA: I didn't particularly like this version of Libra (my sign), and am looking for a more simple version of it. If any of you would like a different version of your sign, feel free to point me in the direction of the one you'd prefer.
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May I please make a request?

I'm looking for zodiac sheep, specifically aries. with either the aries symbol on the sheep or a ram head sheep type one (or both?).

Thank you!!
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Dreamsheep icon resembling Jamie Hyneman * Dreamsheep icon resembling Adam Savage

Mythsheep! Or Dreambusters! Either way, I think they're terribly cute. :D Take and use if you like 'em; credit is nice. :)
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I made some more variations on the gatesheep a while ago but never got around to posting them.

stargate_dreamsheep with red background stargate_dreamsheep completely submerged

More sheep behind the cut. )

Some of the differences are pretty subtle (yes, I'm obsessive). If you want any please help yourself. :)
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My love for this community knows no bounds. I hope y'all enjoy the poetic grass fruit of your inspiration.

Sheep Walk, Sheep Run

Does the Red King dream
of looking-glass sheep? or do
such sheep dream of him?

asleep no fence can hold them
they step hoof in many worlds

Although partisan
dyed-hard dreamsheep represent
pride without rancor

for such sheep flock together
not of a kind but a dream

references )
Originally posted here at [community profile] dreamwidth_haikai.
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I am about to post a ridiculous number of dreamsheep icons :D! Because today started the Three Weeks for Dreamwidth, I went a little crazy and made a few icons in different styles, in the usual seven colors I usually do, and a few more. Some of these seem a bit redundant but, well :) ... I wanted to have as many options as possible out there.


80 icons total, 72 behind the cut )

I'm linking this entry to [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw
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I made some stargate dreamsheep.

More colors behind the cut. )

If anyone wants them you are more than welcome.
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It's been hard to make anything that I thought worth sharing, given that whether I use the .xcf or the .psd file, the GIMP doesn't recognize the borders around the sheep's head and hooves. But today I wondered, "What if the sheep were just a silhouette, so the lack of borders wouldn't matter?"

a sheep silhouette holding an iPod, with the text 'iDream'

Shareable with or without credit :)

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I discovered 9 of my 15 icon slots are empty and started making dreemsheep in unusual color combinations (unusual for me, anyway). This is the result: the first one (kirsch) uses my DW journal color's combination. The second (foggy) consists of white spotted lines in a back background with a white glow. The third (emo) is inspired in a graffiti found at a tattoo parlor.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Icons by [personal profile] jerico_cacaw, original base by [personal profile] helens78. Shareable, no credit needed.
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Would anyone be willing to make Dreamwidth dreamsheeps for volunteers working in Anti-Spam, Accessibility, Support, Styles, Development, Documentation, etc.? I help in Styles and a little bit in Development and would love to have Dreamsheep icons for these. Maybe other volunteers would like them too. :) I know [personal profile] zarhooie 's made some already but I was thinking more of using the base icon and somehow representing the various types of work we do within the sheep.


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