May. 2nd, 2009

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These are really simple, but since the theme of my journal is going to be "Inward Focus," I wanted to do a few meditative/spiritual designs. Yay, Wingdings and Webdings!

The Sheep that can be shorn is not the Sheep.


I'm still searchin' for a heart of wool.
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I'm going to try and put together some Firefly/Serenity sheep. If anyone has some requests/ideas I'll try and work them in.

I'm definitely going to make a Browncoat one, a Blue Sun one, and I have a great idea for a Shephard Book one.
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I'll eventually get around to all 30 teams, but being a Cubs fan I thought I should start with the National League Central. :-D

Next up: AL East!
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So this whole sheep thing (i think) is pretty cool :) So i thought i would give it a shot.

Its fitting for me and anyone can use it... just please credit... :D

Here ya go [personal profile] dreamcypher :D

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More baseball sheep!

If I haven't gotten to your team yet, be patient. I will be doing all of MLB!

NL Central
AL East
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I would like to introduce you to Ninja Sheep,

Ninja Sheep

Pirate Sheep,

Pirate Sheep

and Max. )
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I wanted to make some DreamSheep out of gems, so here they are. There's also GoldSheep, and CoalSheep (because who doesn't love black sheep?).


. .

24 Sheep behind the cut )
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Just Arthur and two versions of Merlin for now, as I can't figure out how to visually represent any of the other characters....

Arthur Merlin, version 1 Merlin, version 2


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