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A silly idea occurred to me this morning, and I couldn't find a similar one on the community already: a dreamsheep and her dreamlamb!

A dreamsheep and a dreamlamb.

If you like it, feel free to use it. (Credit would be appreciated.)

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All are usable =D

Random Canuck and colourful sheep:

I post by email and wanted a specific sheep to show it:

Shiba sheep! If you like Japanese Sentai, you might recognize this seasons' symbol from Samurai Sentai Shinkenger; plain and rainbow.
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Here's some dreamsheep with phrases that have been bouncing around in my head. Here's the one which makes me happiest, a reference to Terry Pratchett:

dreamsheep with 'ship' written on the fleece

other dreamsheep )

All of these are shareable.


May. 5th, 2009 07:43 pm
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I went looking for this in the archives and found no attempts to do this.

I present to you: iSheep!

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This is really kind of addictive. I've gone through all the photos I've taken that are on my computer, and have made a bunch more with what I found.

I have a few more fiber arts icons. I'd like to branch out, but I either haven't taken photos of my work or I haven't done other crafts.
Fiber arts (spinning, knitting, crochet) )

Here's some made with animal photos:

A sheep in wolf's clothing:

sheep with a wolf's fur for a fleece

other animals )

Water and sky )

beach )

plants )


sheep labeled one hundred percent virgin wool
virgin wool, cedar chest

I forgot to say! These are up for grabs.
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I wanted to make some DreamSheep out of gems, so here they are. There's also GoldSheep, and CoalSheep (because who doesn't love black sheep?).


. .

24 Sheep behind the cut )
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I would like to introduce you to Ninja Sheep,

Ninja Sheep

Pirate Sheep,

Pirate Sheep

and Max. )
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A friend and I were giggling about all the dreamsheep icon ideas we had; this one just begged to be made first. Share and enjoy (but please remember it was made in good fun).

Don't try this at home. )
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There probably aren't a whole lot of spinners here (yet?), but here's an icon for anyone who wants it:

image of the Dreamwidth sheep holding a spindle with yarn spun from the logo.

The sheep is technically not currently spinning with the spindle, since I couldn't figure out how to have it holding the "fiber" coming out of the logo, so I figure it's just taking a rest. :D
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As a Photoshop-less kind of person, I usually make my icons with Paint and/or PowerPoint and/or Picture Manager. So I took the original dreamsheep!icon made by [personal profile] helens78 and the Dreamwidth logo from the wiki, and reworked them. They are all shareable, and if anybody wants the base in *.ppt I can share it too.

Two Dreamwidth icons -- because I like DW pink very much
Two miscellaneous icons -- morse code
Two location_flag icons -- Mexico, both
Two fandom icons -- Star Trek Spock, I'm not sure about the ears

All 8 behind the cut )
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Three types of sheep: country, (classic) Doctor Who, and football. I'm having way too much fun with these -- they're shareable, and feel free to modify as you wish.


Mexico Doctor Who Chelsea

India and Mexico, two options )

Doctor Who )

Teams in the knock-out stage of Champions League 2008-2009 )
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7 total behind the cut! )

Swirl for the Dreamwidth-swirl dreamsheep provided by WistfulJane. Thank you!

Don't let the filenames influence your opinion of the royal sheep -- they were designed as mockups for [personal profile] princess, but can be any royal sheep you want. :)

These sheep are shearable; credit is appreciated! :)

Sheep puns

Apr. 25th, 2009 04:16 am
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Hope 5 icons isn't too much. Can cut, if anyone prefers.

5 new icons. (ETA: One more.)

Shear (and udder?) joy, sheer madness, etc. are left as an exercise to the reader, if so inclined.

Hope you like. :)

(Should I post any to the wiki? Right now, they're only on flickr...)
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[personal profile] hatman mentioned electric sheep, and this idea came to mind...

a glowing blue sheep with green eyes

It's shareable, and if anyone's particularly interested, I can upload the GIMP image (with layers) so it can be turned into a Dreamcult icon, or so the eyes can be made glowing red instead of green, or whatever makes you giggle. (Credit would be appreciated, too.)

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Rounding up the top 15 countries in DW's demographics, and two feminist sheep. These are made in GIMP, and you're welcome to take and modify as you wish.

My upcoming project: sheep of football (soccer) clubs. :D Much thanks to [personal profile] helens78 for sharing the base.


Brazil Malaysia Feminism

Sheep icons are addictive )
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This sheep was part of a series of Dreamcult icons, most of which were not shepped. While this particular configuration of menu swirl eyes and red wool I am not sharing, please take a GIMP image of the Dreamsheep base with an amended logo and have at it. The font used for CULT is Enter Sansman.

This was a present for my Boston Wife, [personal profile] willow, who has the raspberry as her personal icon motif. It too is not shareable, but I did want to show it off.


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