May. 19th, 2009 12:52 am
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Just one, by request, a state of Indiana Dreamsheep:

Indiana state flag Dreamsheep

Enjoy, Hoosiers!
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I made a Texas Dreamsheep...but the hat's not as good as Western Dreamsheep's. Shareable.

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All are usable =D

Random Canuck and colourful sheep:

I post by email and wanted a specific sheep to show it:

Shiba sheep! If you like Japanese Sentai, you might recognize this seasons' symbol from Samurai Sentai Shinkenger; plain and rainbow.


May. 8th, 2009 08:37 pm
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Just one more, to celebrate the birth of our Dreamwidth community, a Pittsburgh dreamsheep!

Pittsburgh Dreamsheep

Feel free to use him to show some Pittsburgh Pride!
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I really wanted an irish tam'o'shanter-ed sheep so I made one... and an irish rugby dreamsheep, and a Dublin dreamsheep.

Let me know if you'd like different county colours.

Edited to fix picture links
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With apologies to [personal profile] hatman, who got there first, here are my variations on NZ/Aotearoa-themed dreamsheep:

From left, the Maori tino rangatiratanga flag, the Silver Fern aka the NZ All Blacks symbol, and Hundertwasser's unofficial NZ flag, the koru or fern frond, which I've included here for its resemblance to general Dreamwidth logoness.

As a bonus, each of them comes with and without a moko, or Maori face tattoo. The relative expanse of the tattoo makes all my NZ dreamsheep rams actually ;) Also, you've been spared actual Maori dreamsheep in Maori purely because Whaanui Moemoeaa was a little too long to fit into the Dreamwidth thought bubble!

Disclaimer: I'm not remotely tangata whenua myself, not even Kiwi. Merely an interested pakeha who's always willing to be educated on where I messed up with regards to Maori language or culture!
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I'm happily picking up a few sheep to build a nice little icon flock. I've got a NZ flag sheep but was wondering if anyone had the time to make a couple of alternatives for me? The Maori have a flag they fly and the unofficial flag of NZ is a silverfern. I'd love a sheep with each of these but my photoshop skills don't extend to this. I'd happily credit the maker and I'm sure other NZ-located or born people would appreciate it if they were Shearable.

Because what is NZ without a flock of sheep??

Here are the images to help with the creation of said sheep:

Tina Rangatiratanga flag:

Silver fern flag:

Thank you kindly!
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As a Photoshop-less kind of person, I usually make my icons with Paint and/or PowerPoint and/or Picture Manager. So I took the original dreamsheep!icon made by [personal profile] helens78 and the Dreamwidth logo from the wiki, and reworked them. They are all shareable, and if anybody wants the base in *.ppt I can share it too.

Two Dreamwidth icons -- because I like DW pink very much
Two miscellaneous icons -- morse code
Two location_flag icons -- Mexico, both
Two fandom icons -- Star Trek Spock, I'm not sure about the ears

All 8 behind the cut )
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Three types of sheep: country, (classic) Doctor Who, and football. I'm having way too much fun with these -- they're shareable, and feel free to modify as you wish.


Mexico Doctor Who Chelsea

India and Mexico, two options )

Doctor Who )

Teams in the knock-out stage of Champions League 2008-2009 )
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Rounding up the top 15 countries in DW's demographics, and two feminist sheep. These are made in GIMP, and you're welcome to take and modify as you wish.

My upcoming project: sheep of football (soccer) clubs. :D Much thanks to [personal profile] helens78 for sharing the base.


Brazil Malaysia Feminism

Sheep icons are addictive )
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Vermont Massachusetts Iowa Connecticut

Dear states: Ewe rock! (But why do so many states have things in the middle of their flags that are impossible to identify at 40x40 pixels? I state for the record that if you got close to these sheep, you could make out their symbols more readily.)

The sheep in this entry are shareable; credit is appreciated. :)
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Location flags are both popular and, for the most part, dead easy. A lot of flags consist of a tricolor (stripes are easy) or a tricolor and a small symbol of some variety. It is easy to lose hours making flag sheep!

A small preview (new sheep added to the flock this morning):

* * *

11 location dreamsheep (with one alternate) )

The sheep in this entry are shareable; credit is appreciated. :)