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After the discovery that our beloved Dreamsheep looks rather a lot like Lumpy Space Princess, I got started making some icons and am now addicted. Here's thirteen Adventure Time sheep to get you started, with more on the way ...sometime.

What time is it? DREAMSHEEP TIME! )

On a side note, does anyone have any idea what's up with the sheep's leg and head outlines? They appear visibly in the total sheep in Photoshop, but don't show up on any of the layers and get wonky when I try to paint over them. They don't show up at all in GIMP, whatever file I open. I am quite befuddled.
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Dreamsheep icon resembling Jamie Hyneman * Dreamsheep icon resembling Adam Savage

Mythsheep! Or Dreambusters! Either way, I think they're terribly cute. :D Take and use if you like 'em; credit is nice. :)
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I made some more variations on the gatesheep a while ago but never got around to posting them.

stargate_dreamsheep with red background stargate_dreamsheep completely submerged

More sheep behind the cut. )

Some of the differences are pretty subtle (yes, I'm obsessive). If you want any please help yourself. :)
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I made some stargate dreamsheep.

More colors behind the cut. )

If anyone wants them you are more than welcome.
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Crossposted to my journal.

Decided to make a couple of Dreamwidth icons after being inspired by one of [personal profile] dame_grise's icons. Just leave a message if you take one, and credit is appreciated.

Cthulhu Dreamwidth sheep.
Dr. Manhattan Dreamwidth sheep.
Holiday Dreamwidth sheep.
Karate Dreamwidth sheep.
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Hi, I'm new. *sheepish wave* *... no pun intended* Anyway, I know I identify with my Hogwarts house of choice, I figured you guys might do the same thing, so... I offer sheep in house colors! :D

All four houses, with a second option for Ravenclaws who want either the book or movie colors. :)

Of course, they're shareable, goodness knows I don't need them all. :)
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I had just made a request for this a few pages back, but I realized I could at least cobble something together for myself. My favorite Star Trek Reboot character is Gaila, so I jury rigged a Gaila Sheep using the blank template and Uhura sheep by [personal profile] helens78 (thank you!), cropped the hair out of a screen shot, and kind of made a wild stab at the skin color.

Voila! It's sharable, of course!

If you'd like to polish her up a bit more, please feel free! :D
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[personal profile] temve posted some amazingly geeky Jedi and Sith dreamsheeps here and here (cool lightsaber effect FTW). But, as much love as I have for Jedis, my favorite Star Wars character is a familiar robot.


Shareable, no credit needed.

SGA Sheep

May. 14th, 2009 09:15 pm
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I found this community a couple of days and loved the idea. I couldn't resist and made a couple of Stargate Atlantis Sheep. These are up for grabs if you guys want them. I have:

McKay the Sheep   Sheppard the Sheep   Todd the Sheep     and  Beckett the Sheep 

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All are usable =D

Random Canuck and colourful sheep:

I post by email and wanted a specific sheep to show it:

Shiba sheep! If you like Japanese Sentai, you might recognize this seasons' symbol from Samurai Sentai Shinkenger; plain and rainbow.
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I'm a hundred percent positive this is not what [personal profile] red_trillium and [personal profile] helens78 had in mind; but after finding a digital re-creation of the Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise command bridge by B. J. West, I couldn't help myself -- it had to be done.

... this is also the most cluttered icon I've ever made (not that I'd made many icons before the dreamsheep ones), and will remain private for the time being, as the sheep used is that of [personal profile] helens78's Kirk icon, cut and shrunk, not a made-by-me sheep with the original base. (ETA: It is public now). I wanted to see how clear the details would be if I scaled it down: not much, apparently. I'm not sure Sulu, Chekov and Kirk would be distinguishable if I were to sit the first two in their chairs :|


Click for a bigger image )
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With thanks to a variety of folks who gave me input and help on the sheep, I bring you a bunch of Star Trek (2009) sheep. :D

(See also: [personal profile] jerico_cacaw's Spock sheep here; my Kirk, Sulu, and Uhura here. Also, please note, Kirk has been updated after some feedback from others! If you have old!Kirk, you may like new!Kirk better. :) )

If you'd just like the sheep duo base to play with, download it here. :)

Here goes:

Spock, McCoy, Spock/Kirk, Spock/McCoy, Spock/Uhura, Sulu/Kirk )
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[personal profile] jerico_cacaw made some very cute Spock sheep here, but my attention immediately turned to Sulu. Oh, Sulu, how are you so awesome?

'Cause you're sheepy, that's how.

Also Kirk and Uhura )

These sheep are quite shareable and would be happy to join your flock. :)
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... need I say more? :)

Darker skin tone, fluffy sheep!quiff, and softly rounded feet, and you have an approximate DeamShaun.
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Here's some dreamsheep with phrases that have been bouncing around in my head. Here's the one which makes me happiest, a reference to Terry Pratchett:

dreamsheep with 'ship' written on the fleece

other dreamsheep )

All of these are shareable.


May. 6th, 2009 06:28 pm
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I looked through the old posts and couldn't find one of these. I may have overlooked it, but in case I didn't, the lack of elder sheep gods cannot and shall not stand.


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