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With thanks to a variety of folks who gave me input and help on the sheep, I bring you a bunch of Star Trek (2009) sheep. :D

(See also: [personal profile] jerico_cacaw's Spock sheep here; my Kirk, Sulu, and Uhura here. Also, please note, Kirk has been updated after some feedback from others! If you have old!Kirk, you may like new!Kirk better. :) )

If you'd just like the sheep duo base to play with, download it here. :)

Here goes:

Spock, McCoy, Spock/Kirk, Spock/McCoy, Spock/Uhura, Sulu/Kirk )
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This sheep was part of a series of Dreamcult icons, most of which were not shepped. While this particular configuration of menu swirl eyes and red wool I am not sharing, please take a GIMP image of the Dreamsheep base with an amended logo and have at it. The font used for CULT is Enter Sansman.

This was a present for my Boston Wife, [personal profile] willow, who has the raspberry as her personal icon motif. It too is not shareable, but I did want to show it off.
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Welcome to the Dreamsheep community! Unexpectedly, the dreamsheep are quite a hit, and rather than continuing to collect all the sheep in one random post on my journal, I thought it would be nice to have a comm out there where we can parade our flocks at will. (Also, this way I don't have to keep track of which sheep are for sharing and which are private. Score!)

The community guidelines are in the profile. They can be summed up as: No off-topic posts, don't hotlink, be clear about whether your sheep are shareable, mark any NSFW sheep as NSFW, tags are your friends. Please read them!

To start things off, I give you the dreamsheep blank and base!

dreamsheep_blank.psd -- Photoshop
dreamsheep_blank.xcf -- the GIMP (though tG will also open .psd files) -- thanks to [personal profile] cheyinka!
dreamsheep_blank.cpt -- Corel Photo-Paint 11 -- thanks to [personal profile] tornir!

Thanks to [personal profile] cheyinka for the .xcf file and [personal profile] tornir for the .cpt file! Donations of other program's sorts of layered file are very much welcome, and if it would be useful to have a collection of eight separate files for the layers, so you can create your own layered file usable in other programs, let me know. I'd love to be able to offer this in other formats.

A note on the border around head and hooves: This was done in blending options on the head and hooves layers: it is a 2px black "stroke", done that way for ease of coloring.

A note on fonts: I am told that the fonts for the graphic are as follows: "ream" is Futura Medium and "width" is Gill Sans Bold. The D, of course, is a custom graphic! Stock imagery is available on the wiki.

ETA: [personal profile] tornir comments on the fonts, below (where to get Futura Medium/how to get a good copy of "WIDTH"). Thanks!

The sheep in this entry are shareable; please take, use as-is, or recolor/restyle as you please!


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