Oct. 9th, 2012 10:46 pm
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I would be delighted if someone would turn these photos into [community profile] dreamsheep icons.

The photos in question are all variations on the following staged cookie tableau:

cookie dreamsheep against green fabric background dreams of crumbled kleenex dreamwidth logo
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For your consideration, I present to you:

4 photos of Adam Ant.

Ant Warrior: http://www.fortunecity.com/tinpan/eltonjohn/802/adamant/dirk/sd4.jpg (close up of face: http://userserve-ak.last.fm/serve/_/182311/Adam+Ant.jpg)
Prince Charming: http://www.adam-ant.net/images/pc/pc2.jpg
Dandy Highwayman: http://userserve-ak.last.fm/serve/_/69751/Adam+Ant.jpg

Would anyone be able to make Dreamsheep of him? My personal fave is the Ant Warrior, but any would be lovely. XD

Thanx in advance.
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Hi. I was wanting to find an icon for talking about RSS feeds on my journal (and possibly more if I can get the style wrangling right), based on the little RSS feed logo. Dreamsheep seemed to be the only way to go, I've been browsing and love what I've seen in this community.

Would anybody here be able to help me out with the crafting of an RSS Dreamsheep?
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Anyone feel up to making some Autobot and Decepti-sheep? Sheep with faction symbols or sheep in familiar color schemes cheerfully accepted. (If you go the faction symbol route, I would not say no to Maximal and Predacon sheep, either.) :D
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I've loved having a jack 'o sheep for the month of October.  Would anybody be willing to take on the challenge of making dreamturkeys for November?
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I've been scrolling through the community (having just joined) and I love all the cute Dreamsheep - far more fun than creepy goats!

However, there are no Primeval Dreamsheep! Would somebody please please please be able to put some together, based on Rex? Thanks ever so much in advance!


Oct. 7th, 2010 01:48 pm
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 Hey everyone!  First I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who's posted icons so far!  I've been nicking icons left and right!  I've become right addicted to DreamSheep!  

I'm a Canadian DWer, and this weekend is our Thanksgiving.  I was hoping to make a Thanksgiving post this weekend and use a turkey sheep, but no one has posted a Thanksgiving sheep yet.  I went through every single post!  How shocking!  

Also ... next month is NaNoWriMo ... I'm a participant and was wondering if anyone had any plans for doing a nano dreamsheep?  

I really suck at graphics, plus my good computer died on me, so I can't even attempt at trying to make these.  :(  Could someone help a Canadian out?  XD
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The one and only computer I've got with Photoshop has had a video card and monitor failure, so I was wondering if anyone out there might be willing to help me out. I'd really like some sheep that have the EFF logo on them, and some Creative Commons sheep, too:

EFF logo: see the logo page at EFF.org! Vector graphics available.
Creative Commons logos: see the logo page at CreativeCommons.org! Vector graphics available.

The EFF logo is fairly straightforward, but the CC logos have more options -- if you could fit the "CC", "BY", "NC" and "SA" logos onto one sheep, that would be AWESOME.

*bleats hopefully!*
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I did a zodiac set using the symbols, will try later the other way (lion, ram, bull), as soon as I figure out how to represent a sheep as virgin, or waterbearer, or scales ... o.O'

Anyway. I tried this three times, and I think the second version is my favorite. The first one is my attempt to do some paper sheep, but it was a source of much frustration. Therefore, second set, with the cartoonish look my basic icons have -- and then the third set, their pastel version. I used red/pink coloring for the Fire signs, brown/orange for the Earth ones, blue for Air and green for Water. If somebody wants a different coloring (or no coloring at all) feel free to ask.

Virgo's three versions follow, the others can be found behind the cut. They are in inverse alphabetical order because PhotoBucket is being an idiot. As always, original base by [personal profile] helens78, icons by [personal profile] jerico_cacaw. Shareable, no credit needed.


Here )

ETA: I didn't particularly like this version of Libra (my sign), and am looking for a more simple version of it. If any of you would like a different version of your sign, feel free to point me in the direction of the one you'd prefer.
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May I please make a request?

I'm looking for zodiac sheep, specifically aries. with either the aries symbol on the sheep or a ram head sheep type one (or both?).

Thank you!!
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Would anyone be willing to make Dreamwidth dreamsheeps for volunteers working in Anti-Spam, Accessibility, Support, Styles, Development, Documentation, etc.? I help in Styles and a little bit in Development and would love to have Dreamsheep icons for these. Maybe other volunteers would like them too. :) I know [personal profile] zarhooie 's made some already but I was thinking more of using the base icon and somehow representing the various types of work we do within the sheep.
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So if you haven't seen it in the latest [site community profile] dw_news update, there will at some point in the future be a contest where you can submit designs for DW schwag (t-shirts, stickers, etc.).

The dreamsheep would love to be represented, if anyone is interested in making designs of that sort!

I know it would help a lot to have larger images, and I think one of the talented [community profile] dreamsheep designers redid the sheep as vector graphics, which might be scale-up-able? I have huge amounts of RL stuff going on right now (moving in three days omg), but once my dust settles, I'll be happy to create a larger image. I know nothing about designing for schwag, though, so if people could let me know what kind of DPI and pixel resolution I should be looking at, I'd really appreciate it. <3
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I don't suppose I can talk anyone into making a RCMP ("Mountie") dreamsheep?

(Sadly, the only good picture I can find for reference in a quick search is this one -- my GoogleFu has failed me tonight.)
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... but I have recently taken up karate, and wondered if anyone fancied doing any martial arts themed Dreamsheep? I've had a bit of a go, but they all turned out rubbish...
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Would anyone out there be willing to make a few holiday-themed dreamsheep? I have a pumpkin one (see attached icon!), but would love a sheep with a little festive hat, a sheep with a snowflake on its wool (or snowflakes as wool), a sheep in a snow-covered forest...
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Dreamwidth may be new, but sheep have been dreaming--and putting up with humans--for hundreds of years. Responding to Christopher Marlow's 'The Passionate Shepherd to His Love' and Sir Walter Raleigh's 'The Nymph's Reply to the Shepherd' (read both here first), here is one lamb's perspective on what is truly important in life.

The Lamb's Plea to Them Both
JHN, aka [personal profile] jjhunter

If all the world were soft and green /And not a lupine creature seen... )
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I'd love to see several takes on either of the following:

'feeling sheepish'

'baa ram ewe'*

* )
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If anyone has the time to play, we of the [community profile] dreamsheep flock would likely enjoy some creative fun with Shaun the Sheep, brought to you by the same folks who created 'Wallace and Gromit'.

For example, from the episode 'Still Life'... )
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I am trying to make a Brian Blessed sheep for [community profile] brian_blessed, but I am officially rubbish. I just can't get the beard to work - a brown beard with little grey streaks (picture of Brian for reference). Help? Bonus points for having it say something like "I'm Brian Blessed!" or "Sheepy's alive!" or "Fly my brave Hawksheep!" in the thought bubble...
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I would love it if someone could make some cute Farscape sheep.

They can be shareable. Because everyone needs Scorpy-sheep, right?


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