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I had just made a request for this a few pages back, but I realized I could at least cobble something together for myself. My favorite Star Trek Reboot character is Gaila, so I jury rigged a Gaila Sheep using the blank template and Uhura sheep by [personal profile] helens78 (thank you!), cropped the hair out of a screen shot, and kind of made a wild stab at the skin color.

Voila! It's sharable, of course!

If you'd like to polish her up a bit more, please feel free! :D
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[personal profile] jerico_cacaw made some very cute Spock sheep here, but my attention immediately turned to Sulu. Oh, Sulu, how are you so awesome?

'Cause you're sheepy, that's how.

Also Kirk and Uhura )

These sheep are quite shareable and would be happy to join your flock. :)
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As a Photoshop-less kind of person, I usually make my icons with Paint and/or PowerPoint and/or Picture Manager. So I took the original dreamsheep!icon made by [personal profile] helens78 and the Dreamwidth logo from the wiki, and reworked them. They are all shareable, and if anybody wants the base in *.ppt I can share it too.

Two Dreamwidth icons -- because I like DW pink very much
Two miscellaneous icons -- morse code
Two location_flag icons -- Mexico, both
Two fandom icons -- Star Trek Spock, I'm not sure about the ears

All 8 behind the cut )


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