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Crossposted to my journal.

Decided to make a few Potter-inspired Dreamwidth sheep icons. Just leave a message if you take one, and credit is appreciated.

Harry Potter Dreamwidth sheep.
House Gryffindor Dreamwidth sheep.
Draco Malfoy Dreamwidth sheep.
House Slytherin Dreamwidth sheep.
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Hi, I'm new. *sheepish wave* *... no pun intended* Anyway, I know I identify with my Hogwarts house of choice, I figured you guys might do the same thing, so... I offer sheep in house colors! :D

All four houses, with a second option for Ravenclaws who want either the book or movie colors. :)

Of course, they're shareable, goodness knows I don't need them all. :)
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This one's for Snape fans who like to think of him (at least in Fanfic Land) as The One Who Got Away. ;-)

Baa baa black sheep pulled the wool over their eyes.

I couldn't get The Nose in without making it look cluttered, but I did get The Smirk, along with the arched eyebrow. Note the vial of half-imbibed potion--Felix Felicis, perhaps?

Severus Snape, the black sheep of the Potterverse, is 100 percent shareable! Not shearable, unless you have really good reflexes...


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