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Would anyone be willing to make Dreamwidth dreamsheeps for volunteers working in Anti-Spam, Accessibility, Support, Styles, Development, Documentation, etc.? I help in Styles and a little bit in Development and would love to have Dreamsheep icons for these. Maybe other volunteers would like them too. :) I know [personal profile] zarhooie 's made some already but I was thinking more of using the base icon and somehow representing the various types of work we do within the sheep.

More puns

Jun. 22nd, 2009 03:21 am
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Just a few punny ideas that came to me some time back. Finally got around to putting them together. Hope you like. :)

(Also hope 5 isn't above the requisite number to require a cut. If so, I can edit...)

Shear and enjoy! :)
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I'm happily picking up a few sheep to build a nice little icon flock. I've got a NZ flag sheep but was wondering if anyone had the time to make a couple of alternatives for me? The Maori have a flag they fly and the unofficial flag of NZ is a silverfern. I'd love a sheep with each of these but my photoshop skills don't extend to this. I'd happily credit the maker and I'm sure other NZ-located or born people would appreciate it if they were Shearable.

Because what is NZ without a flock of sheep??

Here are the images to help with the creation of said sheep:

Tina Rangatiratanga flag:

Silver fern flag:

Thank you kindly!
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One more sheep pun for you. It is almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea.

Sheep puns

Apr. 25th, 2009 04:16 am
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Hope 5 icons isn't too much. Can cut, if anyone prefers.

5 new icons. (ETA: One more.)

Shear (and udder?) joy, sheer madness, etc. are left as an exercise to the reader, if so inclined.

Hope you like. :)

(Should I post any to the wiki? Right now, they're only on flickr...)
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Small batch of shearable shareable sheep. Cross-posted (with some non-sheep) to [community profile] iconic. Hosted at DW Wiki: icons. (Hope that's okay. Can readily switch to flickr.)

In honor of [staff profile] denise:

(A couple of variants available on the wiki page.)

And, let's face it, this was inevitable:

Shear and enjoy!


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