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Greetings! After taking a count of the sheep (and thank you to [personal profile] amadi for double-checking the sheep count!), the dreamsheep community produced...

335 sheep in the month of May!

[personal profile] ratcreature came the closest, with a guess of 333 sheep! Congratulations, [personal profile] ratcreature -- I'll be PMing you to ask where you want that premium paid time to go. :)

For the curious, [personal profile] jerico_cacaw made easily the largest number of sheep, at 101, and [personal profile] ratcreature's guess of 333 was pretty much smack in the middle of the guesses (median: 353, average: 424.6). :)

Many woolly hearts to those of you who posted sheep in May or entered the contest! I'm still thrilled whenever I see a dreamsheep in comments on random posts. :)
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Just a reminder to anyone who's interested in the dreamsheep contest (guess the number of sheep that will be posted to the comm in the month of May, win six months premium paid time!) -- you have 24-ish hours to get your guesses in!

For reference, so far this month there have already been more than 130 dreamsheep posted. It is May 4th. I realize that pace won't keep up forever (aww!), but it is something to bear in mind while guessing. ^_^ (And yes, you can change your guess -- the last guess you enter before midnight tomorrow is the one I'll count.)

PS: I don't suppose anyone has Cinco De Mayo Dreamsheep in mind? (And just what would the Spanish translation of "dreamsheep" be, anyway?)

PPS: I have had someone ask about mood themes! Mood themes can be anywhere from 12 sheep to 147, and I will count each unique sheep that is posted in the actual community (although, oh man, please use a cut-tag if you're going to post 147 individual sheep). (Also OMG moodsheep WANT!!)
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Greetings, fellow sheep-modders! :D

In the two weeks since [community profile] dreamsheep got started, there have been close to 100 sheep posted. Now that Dreamwidth is in open beta, I'm hoping that more people will be willing to join the flock!

And thus: a contest! How many Dreamsheep do you think will be posted in [community profile] dreamsheep during the month of May*? The person whose guess comes closest to the actual sheep count will get 6 months of premium paid time to help them manage their flock. ^_^

The rules! )

I think that covers everything, but if I have left anything out, please feel free to ask me!

ETA: Guessing is now closed! May the best estimator win! :D


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